Every project is specifically designed for your individual need and wishes for your future.


Havard Olsen Architecture is a design studio established in Copenhagen – 2016 and is currently working on projects in both Denmark and the Faroe Islands.

The design studio provides consulting and architect drawings within the entire architectural profession and always adapted to the individual task. We are used to working with tasks that span a wide range of wishes, needs, geography, typology and complexity.

Our services spans over the entire construction process; from sketches of ideas to design management and inspection.


We work on large and small scale architecture in all building types with special strength within single-family homes, summer houses, apartments and offices.

  • New Construction
  • Renovation
  • Extension
  • Summer House
  • Office
  • Culture


Below are our services listed together with a description. This is further descriped in the menu section ‘Process’ for a better overview of an building proces.


Before the first meeting, we will look into the circumstances on the site and the particular local regulations for the area. In the meeting you will describe your need, wants, style and your priorities. This will be evaluated, if it is realistic or not. Amongs other the squaremeters, price and the connection between rooms. We serve advisory to your needs and wants in order to get the best brief for the sketch proposal.


Together with plan drawings and elevation drawings are spatial vizualisations of the sketch proposal made, both from the inside and outside, in order to get a better understanding of the rooms and overview of the project.

The sketch proposal is presented, either in an physical meeting or on a online meeting.

Under ‘Project’ it’s possible to see our chosen projects and get inspiration to your future project.

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Sketch proposal:

1. 3D vizualisations
2. Site plan
3. Plan drawings
4. Elevations
5. Section


After the sketch proposal is presented. It is possible to look through the proposal and after some time meet again to have the revision meeting. A revision are changes, that for example to change rooms around and move walls and so on, but is no changing the brief from the idea meeting.


When the last changes are made. The architect makes the final drawings for the building permit and has the correspondance with the municipality according to changes, missing information etc. Simultaneously the architect coordinates the project with other consultants for the necessary information for the building permit.

Municipality drawings:

1. Site plan
2. Plan drawings
3. Elevations
4. Section
5. Sewer plan


If there is a need of external consultant it will be an extra service. Included in the packages are the necessary correspondance and supply of information to the consultants.


The architect prepares necessary detailed drawings that give an overview of the project. The drawings are adapted to the nature of the task and later form the basis for obtaining tenders from contractors. No working drawings are done. This step is important in the process to minimize mistake


Before the architect sends the project for tendering, the building materials of the inclosure of the building are gathered together with quantities. This gives a good basis for quotes from potential builders.


The architect submits the project in tender, after which the received tenders are evaluated and the suitable contractor found. It is the contractor who prices the work, and the architect is not responsible for budget or tender results.

Although the contractors submit tenders based on the same drawings and descriptions, there will be a need to review and compare the submitted bids to assess whether they contain unclear reservations or discrepancies between the project material and the tender submitted. In many cases, negotiations with the contractors and the adjustment of the offer are also needed. The architect prepares a draft contract and assists in the negotiations to a reasonable extent.


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